BASIL Pet Training Pee Pads with Activated Carbon to Absorb - Pack 25pcs (Size - 45*60cms)

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Tired of dealing with your puppy's mess?Basil's absorbent pet training pads makes it easy. Super absorbent valuable training pads feature a high quality non-woven fabric which keeps the top layer clean and dry making it soft and comfortable for your puppy. Just keep the training pad in the same spot, and the family newcomer will soon find their way to the doggy bathroom. And if they're ever in doubt of where to go, the training pad 's special scent will lead their way. Puppy training pads are valuable tools in toilet training your dog and it helps to minimise 'accidents' in the house! These training pads is a great product if you live in an apartment or condo, and it’s also a great option when it is raining, it keeps you and your dog dry inside the house. Now, with these value puppy training pads, you can train your puppy without worry about anything! Make toilet training easier for you and your puppy!

  • Charcoal layer added for Odour Elimination
  • Leak Proof for mess free usage
  • Quick Drying pads to avoid dripping
  • Floor Grip with Stay put tape at edges
  • Super absorbent Premium Pad
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