DR. PATPAT Dog Ramen Noodle Snack

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Introducing Dog Noodles- the first-ever patented nutritional noodles for dogs in India! Originally from Korea, these noodles are made from high-quality, human-grade ingredients that have been carefully selected to reduce gluten and maximize health benefits for your furry friend. Unlike other dog snacks that can be high in calories and low in nutrition, Dog Noodles offers a healthy and delicious alternative. So why not treat your dog to something special with Dog Noodles? Your pet will love the taste and you'll feel good knowing you're providing them with a nutritious treat.

So, why settle for the usual dog treats when you can give your furry best friend something healthy and nutritious? Try Dog Noodles today and watch your dog's eyes light up with joy!

Preparation instruction: 1) Boil 500ml of water and add the noodles into the pot. 2) Wait for about 3-5min for the noodles to be cooked. 3) Once noodles are cooked, drain the water away and rinse with cool water. 4) Add the soup powder to the noodles and mix. 5) If it gets too dry, add 2 spoons of water. 6) Ready to serve.

* For easy consumption, cut noodles with scissors into bite size portions.

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