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Paw Balm

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Size: 30 gm

Our Organic Paw Balm is filled to the brim with luxuriously moisturising and healing ingredients, making it a luxe spa paws treatment for your dogs. Your dog's paw pads protect your dog's feet and act like mini-shock absorbers, needing a lot of tender loving care.

Our natural Paw Balm acts a perfect extra layer of loving attention your pooch's paw pads need. It also helps with cracks and tears in the paw pads by providing intense moisture.


Powered with healing calendula oil
Can be used on elbows, calluses and snouts
Certified organic ingredients
Lick safe
Speeds up healing or cracks and cuts
Handmade with love
Helps soothe sore and irritated skin
Includes Shea butter

Step 1: Clean the paw with a cloth

Step 2: Apply the paw balm generously.

Step 3: Massage for a couple of minutes to ensure the balm does its magic.

You should use at least twice (2x) a day to see visible difference.

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Size: 30 gm