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BASIL Softy Paw Butter for Dogs & Cats

BASIL Softy Paw Butter for Dogs & Cats

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  • Conditions and Protects Paws and Elbow Joints
  • Almond Oil Makes It Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Sceptic
  • Ideal for Healing Dry, Chapped, Rough Paws
  • Useful for Avoiding Infections in Paws
  • Soothes and Softens Your Pets Paws

Basil’s Softy Paw Butter is specially formulated to heal rough, chapped and dry dog paw pads. It is a soothing all-natural paw butter that conditions and protects your pets paw pads and elbow joints.  Silky paw butter deeply heals, moisturizes and nourishes the skin – making paws smooth and healthy again. You will see noticeable results after just one use! Softy Paw butter is enriched with Almond Oil which is a natural source of Vitamin-E thus bringing additional moisturizing effect. Also it adds the anti-bacterial and anti-sceptic characteristics helping in avoiding general infections in paws.



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