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BASIL Spearmint Mouth Freshening Spray for Dogs, 130ml

BASIL Spearmint Mouth Freshening Spray for Dogs, 130ml

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  • This Dental Spray Makes It Easy to Keep Your Dog’s Mouth Clean
  • Freshens Breath and Fights Plaque and Tartar Built-Up
  • No Brushing Required, Just Spray and Enjoy
  • Helps in Fighting Periodontal Diseases
  • Spray in Mouth, on Toys or Simply Add to Drinking Water.

BASIL mouth spray is a remarkable solution to maintain the oral hygiene of your pet. Your furry friend's teeth and gums will look and feel fresh, clean and healthy when you spray their mouth with BASIL spray. All the ingredients are well researched and Vet approved. Sometimes it is hard getting inside your pet’s mouth. This spray has similar cleaning powers of good toothpaste without the need to fight with your pet to maintain a good oral hygiene. Simply spray in their mouth and let them lick you to their hearts glory.



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