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BASIL Calcium Bone Treat for Dogs & Puppies | 100 Grams

BASIL Calcium Bone Treat for Dogs & Puppies | 100 Grams

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  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Flexible and soft treat for better chewing
  • Enriched with calcium for stronger bones
  • Ideal snack for growing puppies

These treats for pets are quiet innovative and as the name says 360, the treats are flexible in nature as a result of which it lasts longer than the regular treats. They act like a chewing gum and as the dog chews it, the treat moves move up and down with the jaw. Additionally while chewing the bristle like shape helps in scrapping the tarter and plaque accumulated in the teeth. Resulting in a clean and fresh smelling mouth which keeps tooth decay and other dental issues away, A win-win treats for pets and pet parents. Calcium milk: Dogs naturally need more calcium even than humans, thus this treat works perfectly as a source of calcium for daily intake along with being a delicious treat for your pets’ enjoyment.

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