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Calming Mist (100 ml)

Calming Mist (100 ml)

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Made with organic steam, distilled lavender and chamomile hydrosols, our organic calming mist for dogs is nature’s way of dealing with canine anxiety and stress.


Helps with travel related anxiety
Helps with sound and loud noise related anxiety
Helps with better sleep
Stress Relief
Organic and natural remedies for dog anxiety
Chemical free
Consists of calming herbs for dogs

Step 1: Get your dog to a safe position away from any distractions.

Step 2: Spray 15 cms away from the face, to help your pooch inhale the aroma and do only 2-3 sprays for the first time.

Notice the behavioural change in your dog.


Best used with our Natural Omega Rich Chicken Jerkies to help anxious behaviour.
If your dog is aggressive when anxious, please consult a behaviourist.

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