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Cheerble Wicked Mouse Interactive Cat Toy (Orange)-

Cheerble Wicked Mouse Interactive Cat Toy (Orange)-

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Smart Interactive Cat Toy For A Healthy Happy Cat Give your pet some wonderful entertainment. The little mouse-shaped interactive Cheerble Wicked Mouse Cat toy automatically runs away from your pet and jumps over obstacles. It will arouse your pet's hunting instincts and get it moving. The device has a robust rechargeable battery that can be charged using the micro USB connector. Additionally, it is sturdy and safe.

Your cat will not be able to resist this running mouse. It will become your cat's favourite toy in no time. This cat toy is perfect to engage your kitties in long-lasting play time. Wanna know what's inside? Check this cat toy's features!

About Cheerble
"Think a little more for pets, and then make it come true" Founded by a group of pet parents who were passionate about creating new and cool stuff, Cheerble has been persistent in the spirit of innovation in the entrepreneurial journey. They strive to make something unlike frisbees or fetch balls. With constant innovation being the core of the company, Cheerble aim to transfer complicated technology into easy-to-use gadgets for pet parents.

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