MewooFun Cat Hanging Bed PLUS Chessboard Style

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The MewooFun Cat Hanging Bed is the ultimate solution for cat owners looking to provide their feline friend with a comfortable and elevated spot to relax. Comes in a chessboard design, it has a sturdy multi-layer wooden plywood frame and high-quality hardware. This cat bed can provide up to 40 pounds of load-bearing capacity, ensuring that it can safely support even the largest of cats.

The bed surface is made of a soft and fashionable canvas material that is easy to remove and wash, making it easy to maintain its cleanliness. The bed's expanded larger area is designed to prevent your cat from rolling over and falling, providing a safe and relaxing space for your furry friend to rest.

The MewooFun Cat Hanging Bed is also incredibly versatile and easy to install. With its elevated design, it also provides a great vantage point for your cat to observe and enjoy their surroundings. Whether your cat wants to take a nap, watch the birds outside, or simply relax in a cosy spot, the MewooFun Cat Hanging Bed is the perfect choice.

Product Features:

Solid Wooden Board:

Made of a safe wooden plywood frame that is super solid and not easily deformed.

Quick installation:

No drilling required to install this cat bed. It is also portable and easy to remove and install at any preferable place.  

Large & Comfortable bed area:

Not only is this bed soft and fashionable, it also has a larger area of the bed to prevent cats from rolling over and falling. 

Hang on the windowsill, hang on the bed, hang on the cabinet, if your cat can reach it, hang wherever it fits!


Overall, the MewooFun Cat Hanging Bed is a must-have for any cat owner looking to provide their furry friend with a comfortable, safe, and elevated spot to relax. With its sturdy construction, easy installation, and versatile design, this cat bed is sure to become a favorite spot for your cat to lounge and enjoy their day
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