BASIL Cat Plush Toy with Cat Nip for Stuffing (Yellow)

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Bringing you the best selection of Pet toys for your beloved pets to keep them engaged and happy in their time away from you. At BASIL, we ensure that the toys are of standard quality, Non-toxic for safety of pets and their delight. We make sure that their tail wag continues and doesn't pause at any moment with our delightful offering of toys.

  • BASIL cat plush toy is the perfect gift for any cat lover. Not only is it cute and cuddly, but it also comes with cat nip for stuffing, making it even more appealing to our feline friends.
  • No need to look further, our cat plush toy with cat nip for stuffing. Your cat will love playing with it and getting a whiff of the cat nip scent.
  • BASIL cat plush toy with cat nip for stuffing is a great option. Simply stuff the toy with the cat nip provided and watch your cat go wild.
  • BASIL cat plush toy with cat nip for stuffing is not only entertaining for cats but also for their owners. Watching your cat play with and snuggle up to this cute toy is sure to bring a smile to your face.
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