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Corgi Complete Grooming kit

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Queen Elizabeth’s favourite companion since the mid-nineties, Corgis are well-mannered small dogs that are highly cuddly and affectionate. They are the ideal house dogs as they get along well with everyone. Extremely intelligent and devoted to their parents, Corgis are agile little furballs with a passion for long morning walks.
With their medium dense double coat, Corgis tend to shed on a regular basis and therefore needs to be brushed daily and groomed every 4-8 weeks with natural premium grooming products. Papa Pawsome’s aromatherapeutic grooming products has your Corgis best interests in heart and help moisturise skin, nourish their coat and make it smooth and shiny, so would effectively massage your corgi and help increase blood circulation while removing the dead hair and moisturising dry snouts, elbows and paws.

Papa Pawsome's Corgi Complete Grooming Kit Contains:
Shine O Fur Shampoo with conditioner 250ml
Shine O Fur Massage Oil 100 ml
Soft Paws Paw Cream 25gm
Shine On Waterless Shampoo 250ml
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