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Crocky Soft Toy

Crocky Soft Toy

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Introducing Crocky the soft toy, made by PawsIndia by keeping both you and your furry friend in mind!

The perfect combination of durability & playfulness, this plush puppet toy is made from super-soft polyester fabric. Designed as a cute crocodile puppet, it has an attached rope on its mouth to play tug-of-war with your pet. The user can put their hand inside the puppet to hold the rope from the inside & the dog can tug from the outside, which makes it a great interactive toy. Specially crafted by keeping a dog’s colour spectrum in mind, Crocky comes in an attractive blue colour that is dominant in a dog’s vision.

One of the best things about our dog toy is its versatility. Whether your dog loves to play fetch, tug-of-war, or just use it as a soft cuddle toy, Crocky has got you covered.

This plush dog toy also has a squeaker inside that makes a squeaky noise every time your pet interacts with it by biting & tugging on the toy. The strong plush cover, durable rope, and the ideal size makes it suitable for all sized dogs. Interactive dog toys such as this allow your dog to fetch and tug on it while getting the right amount of exercise. Playing with this toy may also help to release pent up energy and reduce stress, which can lead to a happier and healthier dog.


At PawsIndia, we believe that every dog deserves a toy that's made with love and care, which is why we’ve put in so much consideration into creating Crocky.

So why settle for boring dog toys when you can give your furry friend a toy that’s made with love by us? Get Crocky for your pet and see the difference it can make in your dog’s playtime!

About the brand: Pawsindia is an e-commerce and product development website for pets. Our foremost goal is to offer high-quality, premium products for pets to keep them healthy and happy. We have an array of products ranging from delicious pet food to interactive smart toys. We provide Pet accessories, Dog treats, Dog Food, Cat treats, Cat food, Fresh Food, Smart toys, Interactive toys, and much more.

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