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Happy Cat Laptop Skin

Happy Cat Laptop Skin

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Unique & creative laptop protection which is sleek, light, classy… and most importantly, lights up your laptop with pet-love ❤

PLL laptop skins are designed to protect your laptop from everyday marks and scratches. Features pet-exclusive illustrations by leading international designers. Can also be used on printers, scanners, tablets or any smooth surface.

  • Our universal laptop skins are suitable for any laptop, including (but not limited to): ACER, LENOVO, HP, APPLE MACBOOK, ASUS, IPAD, NEXUS, DELL, CHROMEBOOK, INSPIRON, SURFACE PRO, etc.!

  • Dimension: 16 inches x 11 inches (Fits 15.6" laptops), can be easily trimmed down to fit smaller laptops

  • Finish: Matte Effect; smudge-proof, silky smooth feel that reduces glare & fingerprints

  • Material: Premium 3M Vinyl; highly durable, dustproof, waterproof, Fade proof, prevents abrasions and minor scratches

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove, and no sticky residue when removed; easy, bubble-free installation

  • Individually high-quality printed and laminated

Please see detailed instructions (text, image & video) on how to use.

How to apply?

It’s super simple & will not even take 2 minutes!! 😊

Step 1: Clean your laptop thoroughly to get rid of any dust particles

Step 2: Keep your laptop face down on the back (non-printed side) of the skin

Step 3: Draw a line around the laptop using a pencil

Step 4: Now remove the laptop and carefully cut along the drawn line

Step 5: Peel off the adhesive cover from the back of the skin & apply slowly and evenly on the laptop

Step 6: Tada! Step back and admire pet-love oozing out of your beautiful laptop skin.

Don’t forget to flaunt it as well 😉

Please Note: This stylish laptop skin is not a case!

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