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Indie Complete Grooming kit

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Highly intelligent, lovable and loyal pets, Indie dogs are great family pets that get along really well with both kids and adults. Always energetic and up for fun walks, they are the best suited breed for the Indian sub-continent’s tropical climate.
Unlike other bred dogs, Indies are most acclimated to the weather conditions and changes. Since they have a short, coarse coat with no undercoat, they shed very little. However, this also makes them prone to itching, tick and flea attacks, making their paws and skin dry and flaky. Therefore Indie dogs require the utmost skincare for them to have an itch-free sensation so they can chase behind their tails and squirrels for endless hours.

Papa Pawsome's Indie Complete Grooming Kit Contains:
Itch No More Shampoo with conditioner 250ml
Itch No More Massage Oil 100 ml
Soft Paws Paw Cream 25gm
Tick Off Waterless Shampoo 250ml
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