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Papa Pawsome

Itch No More Shampoo with Conditioner 250 ml (PACK OF 2) + Free PAW CREAM

Itch No More Shampoo with Conditioner 250 ml (PACK OF 2) + Free PAW CREAM

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Intricately formulated to give your dog the premium cleansing sensation, Papa Pawsome’s all-natural 2-in-1 Itch No More Shampoo with Conditioner is the perfect body wash solution for your pet’s itch-free and dandruff-free coat. Our  shampoo has the delicate balance of essential oils and Neem extracts, reduce rashes and flaky skin and turn bathtime with your pet into the ‘pawfect’ playtime.

Itch No More Shampoo with Conditioner is the go-to body wash solution for relieving your pet from itching, dryness and rashes. Delicately balanced with essential oils and natural extracts, our shampoo reduces dandruff, dry and flaky skin. It barks away the pesky ticks and fleas while relaxing your pet with a soothing aroma. Tap into the best nature has to offer for the complete worry-free and grooming of your furry friend, leaving them relaxed and safe from itching and rashes.

100% Natural-Blend Ingredients:

Aloe Extract, Calendula Extract, Neem Supercritical Extract, Tea Tree & Lemongrass.

How to Use/ Directions

Wet your dog’s coat with water at a mild temperature. Apply shampoo on the coat and work it into a rich and creamy lather. Leave the shampoo on for 5-10 mins, then rinse and dry the coat. For best results, use Itch No More Massage Oil before shampoo and Soft & Shine Silicone-Free Detangling Fur Serum afterwards. Suitable for dogs aged 6 weeks and above.

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