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Maltese Complete Grooming kit

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Malteses are highly energetic and intelligent dogs who are known for their long and silky white coat. Highly playful with an affinity for morning walks, they enjoy learning new tricks and being the center of attraction, making them the ideal family pets. They bond closely with their parent, and are also good therapy dogs due to their caring temperament.
Maltese require routine brushing and grooming to keep their skin and coat in prime condition. Maltese’s long and wooly coat requires the choosing of right premium grooming products that can help instil the silksmooth texture that these white fur puppers are known for. Papa Pawsome’s aromatherapeutic massage oils and shampoos relaxes your Maltese during the harsh summers, keeping their snouts and paws moisturised and ready for when morning walks beckon.

Papa Pawsome's Maltese Complete Grooming Kit Contains:
Shine O Fur Shampoo with conditioner 250ml
Shine O Fur Massage Oil 100 ml
Soft And Shine Detangling Serum 50 ml
Soft Paws Paw Cream 25gm
Shine On Waterless Shampoo 250ml
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