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MAXX Recovery Suit for Dogs, E Collar Alternative - Ruby Red Gray

MAXX Recovery Suit for Dogs, E Collar Alternative - Ruby Red Gray

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MAXX Surgical Recovery Suits For Dogs Is A Soft Comfortable E-collar/Cone of Shame Alternative For Dogs.

This Dog Spay Recovery Suit Covers Wounds, Bandages & Keeps Them Dry Throughout The Abdomen, Chest, Back, And Shoulders, Helping Them Heal Faster.

Concerned About Allergies & Infections Post-Surgery?

The recovery suit for dogs after surgery comes in different sizes. The 4-way stretch fabric of the dog surgery suit ensures breathability, comfort & covers wounds, bandages, hot spots, skin conditions, incontinence & keeps them dry throughout the abdomen, chest, back, and shoulders, helping them heal faster.

Your four-legged friend will thank you for the anxiety wrap as they recover with ease and comfort. The dog surgery clothes allow easy opening & folding for pee/poop, daily walking, sleeping, etc. Increasing mobility, reducing stress, and accelerating recovery. You never would have to take it off.

Is Your Dog Refusing To Wear The Pet Cone E-Collar? Or Feeling Particularly Anxious?

The Dog E Collar/Cone of Shame can be annoying and stressful for your pets and disturb their natural movements. This multi-functional medical recovery suit, on the other hand, allows them to go about their normal routine as well as protect their wounds, bandages and prevents them from licking, scratching, or, biting. The snug fit clothing will ease their anxiety and keep them calm and comfortable. It makes the recovery process more pleasant for the Pet and the Pet Parent.

Pee & Poop- The shirt can be unfastened at the rear, easily folded inside and secured by the belt for potty use. The shirt need not be removed fully at all.

Unique soft clips at the rear to easily fasten/unfasten the pet shirt.

Belt at the belly - Straps given to give your pet dog a snug fit if the shirt is loose and to secure the fold of the shirt while taking your pet for pee/poop

Zipper near the abdomen gives easy access to wounds for inspection and to the internal pocket for keeping cold packs and extra gauge to absorb any discharge, without the need to remove the shirt.

egal Disclaimer:

• Safety - Check the snug fit of your pet dog near the arms of front legs and hind legs to ensure it is not very tight

• Size and colour - For sizing check the images and measure carefully. It is a 4 way stretchable fabric and hence order carefully. The colour of the garment may vary by 15-20% on screen and actual product.

• Directions to use :- It's very easy !!!

1) Place MAXX Dog Recovery Shirt over your pet's head and insert each paw.
2) Easily slide along your pet's body , pull the V shape straps and clip them to the top near the tail.
3) Adjust the tail as the square shape will accommodate pet dogs with bigger and higher tails.
4) If your pet dog is with a longer neck unfurl the neck to cover it and if shorter neck, fold the neck rib
5) Can Machine wash and dry. We recommend 2 MAXX Pet Shirts.

Sizing Info :
Size Guide: (Colour: Ruby Red Grey)

Size 4XS – length; 20-30cm/7.8 to 11.8 inches
Size 3XS – length ;23- 35 cm/ 9.0 – 13.8 inches
Size 2XS – length; 34-42 cm/ 13.4 to 16.5 inches
Size XS – length ; 41-45 cm/ 16.1 to 17.7 inches
Size S – length; 44-51 cm/ 17.3 to 20.1 inches
Size S+ - length; 50 to 57 cm/ 19.7 to 22.4 inches
Size M – length ; 56- 69 cm/ 22.0 to 27.2 inches
Size M+ - length; 62 to 72 cm/ 24.3 to 28.3 inches
Size L – length; 68 to 76 cm/ 26.7 to 29.9 inches
Size XL – length ; 75-82 cm/ 29.5 to 32.3 inches
Size 2XL – length; 81-92 cm/ 31.9 to 36.2 inches

Sizing instructions:

For Size, measure your pet dog from back of neck collar to base of the tail in a straight line as per diagram in images, 4 way Stretchable , breathable and lightweight fabric. Note:- Do not use the breed of the dog to determine the size.

If your dog is between sizes, choose the larger size. We design the style and size of this recovery suit according to the general data collected, and we know clearly that each dog is unique, has its own body shape, bushy or thin, long or short, so not every dog can choose a perfect size. Thanks for your understanding.
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