MewooFun Cat Hammock

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Color: Orange

Cat window hammocks are a great addition to any home, as they offer your furry friend greater visibility of the outside world while providing a comfortable lounge spot for them to nap. Mewoofun understood that cats have different personalities and so they designed a Cat Window Hammock with two types of installation methods to suit their needs. One is a tent style that provides a sense of security and privacy for cats and the other is an open style that allows owners to play and interact with their feline friends.

This cat window perch has a 3-layer suction cup design that attaches directly to a window or smooth surface such as glass, ceramic tiles, stainless steel and mirrors and can hold up to 15kg of kitty weight. It's easy to assemble and install and is available in two attractive colour options, orange and pink.

Your cat will love this window hammock and so will your home, so add one to your cart today!

Product Features:

Great for sunbathing and cat naps:

One of the key features of this hammock is that it allows cats to relax in the warm sunlight while lounging comfortably.

Attaches to any smooth surface via suction cups:

The suction cups can be attached to smooth glass, artificial marble, metal panel, acrylic plate, smooth ceramic tile, or a varnish panel. As easy as they are to attach, they are convenient to take down as well.

Easy assembly and installation:

Not only is it easy to assemble this hammock, it is also a fun DIY activity for the pawrent. You can also move the hammock at any time.

Made with durable materials:

Made with environment friendly wear-resistant materials, the perch can hold a cat up to 15kgs. Your cat can jump freely without any burden or falling.

Available in two colours:

You can get this hammock for your furriend in two different attractive colours; pink and orange.
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Color: Orange