MewooFun Set of 4 Recordable Dog Communication Button

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The MewooFun Recordable Dog Communication Buttons set is an innovative tool that allows you to communicate with your furry friend in a whole new way.

These buttons can be easily programmed with various messages or commands, such as "I need to go outside" or "I'm hungry," and your dog can press the corresponding button to communicate with you.Featuring colourful and durable surfaces, these buttons come in a set of 4 buttons, allowing for complex communication with your pet.

This product is easy to set up and use, and it can be placed anywhere in your home. The recordable dog talking buttons set is perfect for training your dog, enhancing their communication skills, and strengthening your bond with them. Additionally, the Mewoofun Sound Button Tester Kit is a fun and simple language platform for dogs and cats, helping you determine if talking sound buttons are right for your pet.

Product Features:

Unique customisable tool:

The MewooFun Recordable Dog Communication Button set is a unique tool that allows pet parents to communicate with their dogs using customizable messages or commands.

A Set of 4 buttons:

The product comes in a set of 4 buttons, enabling 4 different customised communications with your pet. 

Mat with Velcro:

The velcro mat sticks perfectly to the ground to avoid the dog from sliding and slipping while pressing the buttons.

Easy to set up:

This product is easy to set up and used, and it can be placed anywhere in the home.

To ensure optimal audio quality, it's recommended to speak clearly and at a moderate volume while recording, and to experiment with the position of the button. With this innovative tool, you can improve your pet's communication and overall well-being.

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