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Happy Puppy Organics

Organic Rinse and Shine Shampoo

Organic Rinse and Shine Shampoo

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All pet parents want the best grooming for their little ones. Looking for a natural dog shampoo that smells great, is gentle on your pet's skin and leaves the fur looking great?

Our Rinse and Shine shampoo is just what you need.

Made with cold-pressed coconut oil, a blend of anti-itch and healing essential oils like lavender and rosemary and enhanced with the richness of vitamin e and pro-vitamin b5, our puppy shampoo is the perfect fit for your pet’s fur care! It leaves the coat feeling soft and easy to comb, and relaxes your pup thoroughly. It can be used as a maintenance shampoo.


Certified organic dog shampoo
Powered with organic essential oils
Reduces itching and dry skin
Ensures soft fur and healthy skin
Ingredients are pH balanced

Step 1: Comb out the fur.

Step 2: Use a desired quantity of shampoo and dilute it with a little water for better application.

Step 3: Massage in gently, keep for 2-5 minutes and wash off.

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