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Pawsindia 5in1 Replaceable Box Cat Scratcher

Pawsindia 5in1 Replaceable Box Cat Scratcher

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PawsIndia's 5-in-1 Replaceable Box Cat Scratcher is a never-ending cat scratcher made from recyclable cardboard material to encourage play among cats and thus prevent the cat from damaging your valuable furniture. This unique cat scratcher comes with 5 both sides scratching boards which can be changed when one of them gets used or scratched up.

The cat can't resist scratching the corrugated surface of the cardboard, which gives them a feeling of joy and satisfaction. This adorable toy has a one-of-a-kind design that allows your cat to satisfy its scratching need, relieve stress, and act as a suitable furniture substitute while also preventing your cat from scratching the carpet and mat in your home. This invincible cat scratcher toy is composed of non-toxic, robust cardboard that can endure your cat's sharp claws and nails while still keeping them healthy This toy is appropriate for young kittens, older Persian and other breed cats. Just flip it over when one side gets scratched up and witness your cat enjoy scratching to the fullest while protecting your furniture.

Tip: To attract your cats to scratch, sprinkle some catnip on the cardboard before introducing the pad to a cat


    • Healthy claws
    • Helps cat stretch
    • Provide exercise
    • Relieves stress
    • Helps mark territory
    • Protects furniture from scratches

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