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Pawsindia Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

Pawsindia Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

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The only one-handed dog hydration system! Squeeze, and water will pour out into the bowl. Your pet will never be thirsty on long hikes and trips. This pet water bottle easily fits in a car holder squeeze, and once your dog finishes drinking, the extra water drains back into the bottle. The pet water bottle is 100% leak-tight and the perfect travel companion for your pet. The bowl has a special valve that never wastes water.

Lightly squeeze out water which will get filled in the top bowl. Then release the handle, and the water will automatically return to the dog water bottle. The dog bottle features an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that can be secured around your wrist or attached to your backpack or belt, making it easy to carry on the go. Having fresh, clean water for your dog can help prevent health issues related to drinking from public water bowls and puddles, which can contain disease-bearing bacteria, parasites or unknown toxins.

How To Use:
1. Press the water key to unlock the bottle.
2. Pour water into the tank, and release the water key to stop the water intake.
3. Keep it vertical, then press the water key to pour the remaining water into the automatic dog cup.
4. After the dog drinks the water, press the water lock button to keep the dog cup from leaking.

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