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Pet Ear Muffs

Pet Ear Muffs

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Times of festivities and celebrations are usually accompanied with music, crackers or songs which is just noise to our furry ones, noise that scares them. The Dog-O-Bow pet EARMUFF minimises that noise and helps ease down the anxiety, making it the perfect companion/accessory for your pet to keep the shivers away. Made with soft stretchable rib material, it's easy to put on and take off. 

Please check the following sizing details before purchasing the product.

XS: Length- 8cm ; Circumference - 24cm

S: Length- 11cm ; Circumference - 30cm

M: Length- 14cm ; Circumference - 35cm

L: Length- 17cm ; Circumference - 40cm

XL: Length- 20cm ; Circumference - 48cm

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