Puppy Serelac 400 gm

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Size: 400 gm

Puppy Serelac is highly palatable and digestible formula enriched with Colostrum, Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids

• Calcium pantothenate-2.10 mg ,Phosphorus-700mg,Potassium -460 mg, Chloride- 420 mg , Sodium-240 mg ,Magnesium-28 mg, Docosahexaenoic acid-70 mg Choline-35 mg ,Taurine-35 mg , Biotin 10.5 mcg, Inositol- 20 mg, Iron -5 mg, Zinc 2.5 mg ,Nicotinamide-1.8 mg ,Vitamin A-1750 IU,Vitamin B2 -420 mcg,Vitamin B6-425 mcg,Colostrum-500 mg,DHA -400 mg, Vitamin B12 -1.05 mcg,Vitamin D-280 IU, Vitamin C- 55 IU,Vitamin K-28 IU, Vitamin E-4.5 IU,Copper-73mcg,Folic acid-30 mcg,Iodine-28 mcg, Cobalt-5 mcg , Selenium- 7 mcg ,Manganese-25 mcg,Methionine -833 mg,Lysine-600 mg ,Cysteine- 100 mg .

Shelf Life : 18 Months
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Size: 400 gm