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Rubber Bottle Dog Chew Toy

Rubber Bottle Dog Chew Toy

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The Rubber Bottle Dog Chew Toy is a unique toy made by observing what attracts a dog's attention the most. This dog chew toy is nothing but a plastic bottle encased in a strong rubber shell. The bottle makes sounds when chewed upon and boosts your dog's curiosity. Want to know how?

Your dog is going to enjoy long play sessions when he's got this squeaky chew toy as a play buddy. The rubber outer shell is made to handle the strongest bites with ease. The bottle is just not for the sounds, it serves a greater purpose. You can use the bottle to store your dog's favourite treats or water when going out for walks with your furry child. The shape of the toy makes it a perfect object to play fetch while in the park. This chew toy will help control your dog's destructive behaviour and can also entertain them when they are left alone. The soft but durable rubber will help clean your dog's teeth better. Stress and boredom don't stand a chance when your dog's got so much activity and such a strong and interactive play buddy. Want to know what's inside this Dog chew toy? Well, check out its features!

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