Skulls Dog Tee - red

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Does your doggy often eye your box of doughnuts? If yes, we might have something cute in store for you. 

 PawsIndia brings you this adorable doughnut print t-shirt fro our latest collection C.O.A.T- feels like skin. These are hands down some of the most cute dog clothes in India. These luxury designer dog clothes have a fun and vibrant doughnut print and come in attractive colours. Your dog is bound to get heads turning in these stunning dog clothes.



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The t-shirt design:

This adorable doughnut design is hard to resist. And can make for an excellent day out outfit. It also comes in two attractive colours- Blue and Black. 


The t-shirt comes in 6 sizes- XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. You get the perfect fit for your dog, however big or small they are!

  • Vibrant colour, adorable and fun doghnut print
  • Strechy, comfortable, and easy to wear
  • High collar gives your dog a posh, elegant, and exotic look.
  • Light and airy feels like skin
  • Feels extremely lux

Feels like skin, super lightweight:

These dog clothes feel like skin. Lightweight and made from polyester and cotton mix, the t-shirt is extemely soft and breatheable. 

Comfort made priority:

These t-shirts are very comfortable and stretchy. Light in weight and airy, which is why it makes for excellent dog clothes for summer

Caress resistant:

The fabric is caressing resistant and easy to wear. Whether your dog has a long thick coat or none at all, C.O.A.T will be their favourite dog clothes online. 

Special Features:

The shirt has a high collar which works great for dogs with long necks!It elevates dog’s neck and makes them look posh and elegant, and exotic. This collection for the very first time comes with dual dribbing. 


The t-shirt is made out of a cotton and polyester blend which is extremely comfortable. The fabric is very soft, breathable and stretchy. The polyester makes it light and airy and feels like skin. Also, it does not easily caress. 

  • Polyester and cotton mix 
  • Soft, Breathable, and strechy 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Low on creases
  • Light and airy

Cleaning Instructions: 

This T-shirt is easy to clean and can be either hand washed or machine washed. The fabric is fast-drying, so don’t worry your doggy don’t won’t catch a cold even if they jump in a pool with the t-shirt on!

Who is it for?

These luxury dog clothes are suitable for dogs of all size and breed.

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