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Dog Mat (Strawberry Red Velvet)

Dog Mat (Strawberry Red Velvet)

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Strawberry Red Velvet Mat Bed has a cheerful contrast of colors and can be used by dogs or cats of all ages. It is fabricated using velvet-canvas with the micro-fiber filling. This helps in keeping the mat puffy so that your pet can nap comfortably without any obstacle. It has a strong red color which will look appealing even to your pet. This pet mat will be a perfect spot for your pet to take a break from the day-long of hectic play. It is light-weight and can be rolled to save the space whether in your bag or at your house so that you can open it whenever required. P.S. It will be your pet's favorite spot!

Suitable for all ages of dogs

Its bottom has an anti-skid material

Attached water-proof lining

Available in S, M, L & XL sizes

Easy to clean, you can wash it using cold water

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