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Tug of Wall Supreme - Blue

Tug of Wall Supreme - Blue

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Tug of wall Supreme is India's first hands-free toy which is the perfect dog chew toy to keep him active and occupied throughout the day. If you are away from your dog owing to your busy schedule but want to make your dog feel occupied and active, then Tug Of Wall Supreme is the perfect toy. This dog chew toy will keep your dog happy and active. Don't believe us? Well, check out the video below;

It has a strong suction cup at one end to stick it on the floor. Once stuck, the dog can chew and play tug with this toy by himself. It is a must-have dog chew toy. This self-play dog toy ensures that your dog remains engaged for hours! Want to know what's inside this interactive dog toy? Well, check out its features!

How To Use

All you have to do is stick the suction part to the wall and your dog can play, push and pull the molar bite toy that will be dangling out. The suction is strong and sturdy. It is a must-have durable dog toy. Suitable for dogs ( all sizes )

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